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The main problem has always been that of not wanting to carry the weight of the camera with me. To travell is an important passion (perhaps the main one), and I love to travell really light, and bringing with me a more professional and therefore heavier camera has always been an important limit. In photography as in life I like to leave with little equipment and to condition myself to shoot with what I brought with me. The real passion was taken when I realized that behind the photograph is hiding something impalpable that influences the shot. Beyond the technique, the right composition and good post-production, which I believe is the difference is the level of empathy of the photographer with the situation that he’s capturing, in other word I think is like a meditative act.

Ph. Gionata Moretti
Copyright – All Rights Reserved ©Gionata Moretti

I like what I consider static photography, understood as the photograph of an immobile situation, a landscape, for example, or a portrait in which the difference at the moment of shooting does in my opinion the level of involvement that is with the subject in question, I I realized that in these situations the photo is strongly influenced by the emotional state (and not only) of those observing the scene, I am convinced that a landscape as well as the expressiveness of a face are influenced by the photographer.

 Copyright – All Rights Reserved ©Donato Nunzi
 Copyright – All Rights Reserved ©Donato Nunzi

However, my real interest  is to shoot the while of a situation, said to the French “l’être en train de”. With “while” I mean that moment when the situation is suspended; at that moment, when photographing the while on the contrary one should put oneself in the state of being to be invisible and let the scene unfold without interfering, I believe that the moment when the scene comes alive, the subjects are wrapped in a veil of unconsciousness that forces time to stop in the lightness of the present moment.

 Copyright – All Rights Reserved ©Donato Nunzi
 Copyright – All Rights Reserved ©Donato Nunzi

I love black and white for suspended situations, as the shades of gray give the image a greater emotionality. While I consider color a fixed point to make the landscape alive and expressive.

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