Auschwitz – Birkenau

In this photo report we will take a trip to the concentration camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Poland. In April 1940 there was the order of the SS leaders to build a concentration camp to quickly overcome the prisoners’ imprisonment. Auschwitz was chosen as a sorting center because it is well connected to a sector with Germany and far from the Polish population centers, Birkenau means birch forest and this was preferred to others because it could better hide the extermination facilities. Not all the deportees suffered direct death, while others worked as slaves for some time, until the inevitable death by illness. This harassment lasted until January 1945, when a Soviet troop accidentally arrived at Auschwitz and discovered hell.


Auschwitz was the main sorting center for the holocaust that took place between 1940 – 1945, where an indecipherable number of human beings lost their lives.


Foto 2 - AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, la locomotiva

One of the locomotives carrying convoys containing about 100 prisoners per wagon. The deportees were forced to travel even 15 days in unimaginable conditions before reaching their last half.

Foto 3 - AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, la camerta

One of the dormitories where the internees are crammed.
These resided in conditions of inhuman overcrowding and were forced to sleep in four even in five on each wooden bed.

Foto 4 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, l'interno delle camerate

The inside of the dormitory where the prisoners are housed. The beds were wooden on three levels. Forced to sleep in five even in inhuman hygienic conditions, often transmission of pests, diseases and diseases is encouraged.

Foto 5 - foto 6 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU

Between 1942 and 1943 an impressive control system was built to permanently discourage attempts to escape.
The central concentration camp has just been added, a grid consisting of a triple electrified barbed wire fence. Who manages to pass the first time does not pass beyond the second, to which a voltage of about 10,000 volts was applied.

Foto 5 - AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, torretta di controllo

FOTO 6 - AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, Rete spinata elettrizzata

FOTO 7 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, le valigie dei prigionieri

Objects of various kinds, suitcases, shoes, orthopedic prostheses, glasses, but also brushes.

Foto 8 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, blocco 11

Block number 11, known as the death block, the lager prison. Those who are deported to this place are annihilated without any possibility of exit.

Foto 9 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, il numero di matricola

The names of the deportees are replaced by matriculation numbers, tattooed on the left forearm, on the thigh or on the chest, in order to make them devoid of identity.

Foto 10 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, schede di reristrazione

Registration cards are useful to highlight the characteristics of each prisoner, here in addition to the serial number.

Foto 11 - foto 12 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU,

This was too expensive, so the gas cameras were introduced in which the attack of zyklon B pebbles was stipulated and killed, which in contact with the air produced a lethal gas that in 20 minutes under atrocious suffering killed in a shot only a lot of people. These pebbles are soaked with hydrogen cyanide, attention thrown from the outside into the openings in the ceiling.

Foto 11 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, Sassolini di zyklon B


Foto 12 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, grata del soffitto

Foto 13 – AUSCHWITZ – BIRKENAU, Forni crematori

A few steps from the bedrooms the crematoria ovens and once killed the main corpses burned in the crematoria ovens about three or four bodies at a time.


Beyond the more or less truthful numbers, the Auschwitz holocaust will be remembered as one of the worst crimes against humanity ever in the world.


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