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Living Landscapes


Living Landscapes will help you move past the point, click and hope approach to landscape photography. You’ll learn from a pro how to capture stunning landscape photos you’ll hang on walls – not hide in albums – by mastering the three key ingredients to stunning and engaging landscape photography.

Loving Landscapes


Loving Landscapes is a digital landscape photography workflow and post-processing guidebook. It is crammed full of highly detailed information that will simplify and streamline your image capture and transform your post-processing skills.

Going Pro


Have you ever heard the words, “Wow. These shots are great! You’re good enough to be a professional photographer, you know that?” and wondered if could be so?Today you can stop wondering if you’ve got what it takes with this dPS exclusive kit, Going Pro: How To Make Money Through Your Photography.


Transcending Travel is an eBook designed to give you the skill and inspiration to take riveting travel photography images, ones so striking you’re friends won’t be able to stop talking about and sharing them. The great thing about it is that it’s just as applicable whether you’re traveling near or far from home.

Captivating Color


In Captivating Color, a gorgeous, 48-page ebook, by award-winning photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich shows you how to see color—and use it to create stunning photographs.You’ll be able to read it cover to cover in a couple of hours, but the impact will last you a lifetime. It’s a book that will show to how to use color to ignite your photographic creativity.

Photo Nuts and Gear


This eBook helps take the mystery out of ensuring you have the perfect photography gear for your needs: from cameras through to lenses, tripods, filters and bags.  It’s perfect for a newer photographer looking to get a little more serious about the gear your carry with you or a great resource for those looking to purchase their very first camera.

Photo Nuts and Shots


The dream – taking photographs that your friends think you paid someone for, not shot yourself.
The myth – that you just don’t have what it takes. You need better gear, you don’t have ‘the eye’ and you’ll never understand the skills needed to take amazing photos.
The reality – Great photography CAN be learned.  This book is the perfect companion on your journey to becoming a photographer.

Photo Nuts and Bolts


Photo Nuts and Bolts is a brand new downloadable PDF E-Book designed to help you know your camera and take better photos.
This resource has been written by regular contributor to DPS – Neil Creek and works through a series of 10 lessons centered around the basics of photography.

Portraits: Making the Shot


Portraits: Making the Shot is bursting at the seams with practical and down to earth portrait photography advice, tips and imagery. It has been created to do one thing, transform your dull and lifeless pictures of people into beautiful works of art. This is must-have resource for anyone aspiring to take portraits with SOUL. Everything from the right gear, to the right aperture, to working with subjects.

Portraits: Striking The Pose


As a portrait photographer (at any skill level) it’s your job to make sure the people in your viewfinder are positioned perfectly and comfortable in front of the camera.
Experienced portrait photographers all have a set of ‘go to’ poses for any situation and have their own ‘way’ of ensuring the people in their portraits are as relaxed and natural possible

The Art of Self Portraiture


Over 52 visually arresting pages, this journey into self-portraiture will hone your practical skills while illuminating aspects of yourself you never knew existed.
Before you even realize, It’ll take your photography to a whole new level.

14 Amazing Portrait Recipes


Each of these module combines teaching as well as practical application through three key elements:
A tutorial to help you master the posing techniques
A printable version that’s designed to be printed and folded for quick reference
A digital version that’s designed to be stored on your phone or tablet for screen viewing

Portraits Lighting The Shot


When it comes to shooting stunning portraits, lighting can be the X factor in making your pictures pop.
For 25 years world-renowned Portrait Photographer Gina Milicia has used lighting techniques to create portraits with true richness and soul.

Black And White Photography


This is must-have resource for anyone aspiring to take amazing black and white photos. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside. This eBook has straight forward explanations and tricks for all skill levels. Anyone wanting to take better black and white photos will get something out of this book.

Click! [kids photography]


Imagine if you could take beautiful photos of your kids time and time again. Photos that reflect the big personalities of those little people you cherish so much – images you’ll treasure forever and be proud to share.

Fast FLASH For Portrait Perfection


You can have a great pose, an amazing connection with your subject and a superb location – but without the right light, your portrait shots simply won’t pop.

Natural Light


In Natural Light, pro travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich reveals his secrets for using natural light to enhance the mood, atmosphere, and quality of images.

Photo Magic


As a photographer chances are you’ve tried your hand at a few special effects. If you’re like most, the creative concepts in your mind were much more impressive than the end result!

Life in Natural Light


In Life in Natural Light, professional photographer, Rachel Devine, reveals her secrets for finding and using natural light to tell unique visual stories, enhance mood and increase image quality.

Kids Posing Guide


Each of these module combines teaching as well as practical application through three key elements:
A tutorial to help you master the posing techniques
A printable version that’s designed to be printed and folded for quick reference
A digital version that’s designed to be stored on your phone or tablet for screen viewing.

67 Portrait Poses (Printable)


They include 67 poses broken down into 7 different sets. Inspired by our eBook Striking The Pose and professionally illustrated to ensure they are simple and easy to use.

Portraits: After The Shot


If you’ve ever been disappointed that the portraits you shoot don’t portray the true character of the people you photograph, then this eBook will open up a new world of creative possibilities.

Photo Nuts and Post


The creative choices and opportunities in ‘post’ are almost as great as they are in the capture of the photo itself, and almost every photo can be improved with a little post-processing.

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