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Is your service safe?

It is 100% safe due to a simple reason, all our methods are within legal regulations. This means that your account will stay fully operational at all times and it won’t be closed.

What to do if I don’t see any improvements?

It takes several hours and in some cases even days so you can see the actual results and improvements and this depends on the starting point. We generate real followers, so it takes some time. But don’t worry, at any moment you can get additional help and info. You’re in good hands.

I just placed an order. What is the next step?

Welcome! Within 12 hours an agent will contact you with additional information. During that time, a case manager will work and develop your campaign. The development stands for choosing the desired followers, from targeted country/area, gender, and specific hashtags. At any moment, you can request or provide additional details which need to be implemented. Check the PayPal email you used and make sure to check the spam folder in your email dashboard.

What if I cancel the service, will I lose my followers?

No, followers will stay yours. They follow you because they choose to, not because they are randomly added. They are yours until you decide otherwise.

I need a custom order. Can you assist?

Of course! Be free to contact our support team today and create an order you actually need. Just to add, all services are available for custom orders as well.

What real followers mean?

All followers we provide are real people, who are actually interested in what you have to offer. It is called organic marketing, due to the fact all is done on the natural and conventional way. Even better, you can expect continued growth due to the same reason. In a matter of hours, you will notice an increase in likes, comments, and new followers.

Do you offer aggressive features for better growth?

Yes. At the moment, we have two of them. Both are aggressive and both are developed for better and faster growth. Follow and unfollow- This feature is used to gain real followers. We follow accounts and then simply unfollow them. The difference is in the real followers you get. Maybe it sounds contradictory, but people have a tendency to follow you, only if you follow them. Optimized commenting- With the feature, you will have the ability to choose comments which want to be displayed under your posts. They should be relevant to the business you provide. Just in case, our agents can assist you with the further development.

Can I still use my account?

Absolutely yes. Your account is personal and we won’t affect its availability. In simple words, you can use it in the same way as you do right now. Our service is performed in the background.

My account is private. Can I still use the service?

Absolutely yes. We are the only service provider who offers this type of feature. Although it is possible and you will still get our services, we recommend you to keep profile public, just to get more followers and maximize efficiency.

Can I change my username?

Of course you can. Although before doing so, please inform us via email.

How to determine our target audience?

If you are not certain in it, we can help you as well. Our agents will make sure your campaign is optimized according to the gender, area, commenting, usernames and much more. We have an additional website at your disposal, for determining the best hashtags.

If I cancel the plan, will I keep my followers?

Your followers stay yours forever. They follow you because they want to, so even once our services are no longer required, the followers will stay active on your account. Although, their number will go up constantly.

Should I add hashtags to my posts?

Yes, adding hashtags is mandatory and we encourage you to do so. It will guarantee you more likes and more comments. Also, more followers are guaranteed as well.

Suspended payment. Why?

If you don’t have sufficient funds, or you entered wrong PayPal address, this may occur. Email us and we will solve the problem.

During the process, our services won’t be interrupted.

Can I change my PayPal account?

No. It isn’t possible at the moment. However, you can cancel the subscription and then subscribe again using another PayPal account.

How to cancel my subscription?

Easy! You can email us and we will process it for you.


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