Il fiume e la Vita – Amazzonia

In questo reportage fotografico faremo un viaggio lungo un tratto del Rio delle Amazzoni, da Nauta la località maggiormente urbanizzata di questo tratto amazzonico a Curuinsi, un piccolo villaggio immerso nella foresta amazzonica a 16 ore di navigazione dal primo ospedale utile. Il viaggio attraversa il Rio delle Amazzoni passando per località come Ollanta e Nueve de Octubre. Si descrive la vita lungo il Rio, la pesca, il gioco, l’economia dei mercati, le disuguaglianze, tutto scorre e vive luongo le rive del fiume; l’acqua è un elemento  inscindibile nelle culture di questi luoghi, tutto sembra fluire in un costante ed armonioso equilibrio dettato dalla naturalezza e dalla mutevolezza dello scorrere delle acque.

Foto 1 - Foresta Amazzonica, Rio delle Amazzoni

Amazzonia, rain, sun, wind and then rain again, everything changes in a moment. It crosses the Amazon forest, gains strength and awareness when the two great rivers Rio Maranon and Rio Ucayali meet, giving rise to the best known Amazon River.

Foto 2 - Ollanta, villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

Fishing and water are vital for the indigenous people living along the banks of the Amazon River. A kukama child, at the first light of dawn, fishing system, an instrument of crucial importance for the life of these communities.

Foto 3 - Ollanta, villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

The game is a good mood for a favorable fishing trip.

Foto 4 – Porto di Nauta, villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

The river as a means of transport. Two bulls are a small boat to be transported to the slaughterhouse.

Foto 5 – Nueve de Octuber, piccolo villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

The relationship with rain and water. Children are in an incessant rain, water is an integral part of life and from an early age they learn to convince but to love this element.

Foto 6 – Mercato di Nauta, villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

Nauta Market one of the largest villages along this part of the Amazon; a stall run by ladies kukama, used for refreshment. Everyone has a specific role in these communities.

Foto 7 – Chiesa evangelica di Nauta, villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

Moment of prayer during mass in a church along the Amazon River. Strictly white, on one side and men on the other.

Foto 8 – Nauta, villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

A moment of rest under a light and an incessant heat.

Foto 9 – Nueve de Octuber, piccolo villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

Old lady Kukama, portrait of an indigenous place.


Foto 10 – Curuinsi, villaggio immerso nella foresta Amazzonica.

The urine community lives in the village of Curinisi. It is a 16-hour journey from Nauta, the urbanized urban village of this Amazonian stretch. A mother hugs and cuddles her daughter in the shade of a humble shelter made of palm trees and wood.


For extremely violent historical reasons still rooted in the cultures of Urarina, the women of this community escape the foreign glances, because of the terror generated by the white “gringo” men who still live in their consciences.


Foto 12 – Porto di Nauta, Villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

A fisherman, try to respect the balance while moving his boat to a new fishing battle.

Foto 13 – Ollanta, piccolo villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

The houses have apparently weak foundations, but the wood that surrounds them makes them stable, comfortable and worthy of hosting life.

Foto 14 – Nuove de Octobre, villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

In the case, the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. While out of the flood flows incessantly, the perfect family lets time and water take away all worry.


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