Motocarri – Perù

El motocare keeps alma. Thus the natives of the Amazonia-Peruvian speak of it. In some cases, the motor vehicle is a means of subsistence, a job, a place for recreation, a currency to exchange gestures of love and why not.
According to some popular credentials, the Motocarri possess a soul, a conscience that is able to decide and perform actions of its own will. “Yes, it’s not a cure for you”, it’s possible that when cornering you can go straight and kill you.

Foto 1 - Il motocarro e l'uomo

A man enjoys the view in the company of his beloved Motocarro.

Foto 2 - Motocarro, trasporti eccezionali

A motor vehicle worn to carry long tree trunks.

Foto 3 - Motocarri, manutenzione ordinaria

A motor vehicle is dried despite the rain,

Foto 4 – Motocarri animali

Scene of daily life, even the animals that are chickens, dogs or fish is the climb, the motorcycle is no exception.

Foto 5 – motocarri sotto la pioggia

Rain, snow, frost, the truck is always on the track and always ready to help you.

Foto 6 – Motocarri, storie

Each truck has an image and a different story to tell.

Foto 7 – Motocarri, le infinite vie

No way is forbidden for this means. Up and down the steep and dangerous roads, the motorbike and the man walk together the most diverse ways, considering reassured by the fact that everything will be fine.

Foto 8 – motocarri, il gioco e l'amore

The father kisses and plays with his son; in the middle, the motor vehicle that frames this evocative scene of love.

Foto 9 – Nove de Octuber, piccolo villaggio lungo il Rio Maranon

Among the daily life scenes, the motor vehicle is also used for transporting people.

Foto 10 – Motocatti, la cura

The motor vehicle must be looked after, cleaned and treated as if it were a child.

FOTO 11 – Motocarri, il dottore

Whole workshops dedicated to the maintenance of this now crucial medium both material and spiritual level.

Foto 12 – Motocarri, percorsi

Life goes by fast, and for the culture of places, above it is in the hands of man and the will of the chariot itself.

Foto 13 – Motocarri, il ritrovo

Every culture must be respected, the belief that an engine can have is an act of faith that in some cases turns into magic.

Foto 14 – Motocarri, in attesa di un prossimo viaggio...

Between arrivals and departures as good friends relaxing in front of you, the motorbikes meet to tell the adventures of a day just passed.


Other Photos – Motocarri, Peru

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