Border Lines, Tigri – Eufrate

In this report we go on the banks of the most famous couple in the world, the Tigris and Euphrates. These boundary lines have been defined as crucial in the development of Western civilization.
The rivers in question are born and stretch along a very arid territory, with the peculiarity that the lands are considered between the two lines that are very fertile and coveted, here developed the most evolved civilizations of antiquity.

Foto 1 - fiume Tigri

Born in Turkey, it flows 400 km across the Turkish territory before traveling 44 kilometers along the border between Syria and Turkey. The remaining 1,418 km are completely in Iraqi territory. Despite being smaller it has a nearly double reach compared to the Euphrates.

Foto 2 - Fiume Eufrate

The Euphrates is also born in Turkey from the confluence of two rivers, the Kara (called Western Euphrates) and the Murat (called Eastern Euphrates). The Euphrates basin is today exploited for its great extent. The upper course of the Euphrates River flows between deep canyons and rocky gorges. Then it goes through Syria, to finally reach Iraq.

Foto 3 - babilonia - Fiume tigri, antica città di Hasankeyf

Hasankeyf is the city that accepts the most evidence on the roots of the human species, the beginning of agriculture and the beginning of civilization. Here there are settlements of various civilizations such as the Hurrians, the Mitanni, the Assyrians, the Urartians, the Medes, the Persians and the Romans.

Foto 4 – bABILONIa - fIUME Eufrate, Rumkale citta sommersa

The city of Rumkale (Roman castle), was a fortress fortress on the Euphrates River, inhabited by the Assyrians, but also by the Byzantines and the Armenians during the Middle Ages.

Foto 5 – FIUME eufrate - Rumkale, il tempio sommerso

The city of Rumkale is a scene from the time that time is coming. This is a day.


Foto 6 – Fiume tigri - Hasankeyf, costruzioni nella roccia

The city of Hasankeyf is famous for almost 6000 rock constructions that represent one of the earliest human settlements.



The fortress of Rumkale, located within the administrative boundaries of the Halfeti district of Istanbul, is currently reachable by boat from the city of Halfeti. Today it is a ghost town, because the erosion of water from year to year is too light for how long it will be possible to access it.


Hasankeyf is an open-air museum on the banks of the Tigris; it is an example of Mesopotamian culture in the triangle between Diyarbakir, Batman and Mardin. This is an Italian translation of about 289 archaeological sites largely present in the areas of Hasankeyf and neighboring.

Foto 9 - Foto 10 - Il tigri e L'eufrate, Viaggio verso casa

Mesopotamia (land between two rivers) was launched by violent invasions and a continuous interweaving of different peoples and cultures. The Tigris and Euphrates is the hair that has influenced and forged the human race. On these shores, thanks to the particular climatic conditions, an immense amount of life has passed.

Foto 9 – FIUME tigri



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